timothyvan oorschot painting oneline art with ink



As a child, I was always creative. I studied fine art and advertising and eventually started working in the interior design world. At one point, I had a strong need to go back to the past when I was still creating with only pen and paper without thinking too much. This was the moment when I started thinking “who am I?” and “what do I want?”. Waking up in the morning every day looking at myself in the mirror, it occurred to me that I just had to face it.

I am anti perfection. Beauty is not about being perfect or unique but just imperfect like that one misshapen apple or that tree that grows crooked. Same as that unintended line that gives character. I wanted to go back to the days when things didn’t have to be perfect. The time when I could still be just myself without thinking without the fear of failure because that’s where the strength I’m looking for lies. As a young kid I was always inspired by Cobra art and outsider art and I still am maybe even more than ever before. Because they are not tied to rules or boundaries.

I work as quickly as possible in one movement. Often from one line because this creates the imperfection wherein lies the unexpected.

The faster the better because then I don’t have to think too much when I think things go wrong. The focus is currently on “who am I?”.

This manifests itself in repeatedly painting the face at the moment. It’s like thinking “who am I” over and over. On top of that, the face is also the part of us that expresses the most emotions, from the body it tells a lot without saying a word.

I mainly work with black andwhite because this feels to me like the base, the first lines, and that’s where I currently want to be back: at the base.

You’ll see in my work ideas such as 3d creations in which facesare made on the oval form of an egg. It is reminiscent of the thoughts of birth or a mask behind which I was hiding.

There is also the work “Which side are you on?” that questions why we have to choose a side every time and why we can’t just be who we are.

The work is sometimes a bit naive, yes maybe it is, that’s why I would call my work “ naive brut”. I don’t see myself as a painter or an artist but as someone whohas to get rid of his mind and who has to face who he really is.